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2014-09-15 13:20:00 | Weekly reviews

Return of the king steals show in week one

The first week of the SHL gave its fans everything that they had been waiting for the last 5 or so months. There were as many goals, big saves and crunching hits that we have been craving since Skellefteå AIK took the Le Mat Trophy in Karlstad. But even though the action on the ice was everything and a little bit more than we have missed for so long, it was the return of 16 time Swedish Champion Djurgården to the SHL which stole the show in the opening week of the 2014/2015 season.

The yearn for Djurgården to return and play against the country’s best exploded in Hovet on Saturday night, when 8094 lusting fans joined together to celebrate the homecoming of Sweden’s most successful club to the top league.  For those lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket would all agree that it was a memorable opening night in Stockholm, seeing and hearing every diehard fan singing and dancing to celebrate their return, while cheering their team to a momentous penalty shoot-out victory to cap off an unforgettable evening of hockey.

SHL Play: Highlights from Djurgården Hockey - Växjö Lakers (2-1 OT PS)

The reappearance of Djurgården was not the only successful return in the SHL during premier week, Pär Lindohlm has also made his presence felt directly in Skellefteå after spending the last four seasons away from his home town in Norrland. After stints with Sundsvall Hockey, Piteå HC and Karlskrona, Lindholm finally returned home to Skellefteå and has taken no time settling in, leading his team and league in goal scoring with 3 goals in two matches. 

Lindholm, who is more known for his passing ability, has found his place in the center of Skellefteå’s third line and will hope he can continue the point scoring productivity that took him to seventh in scoring in HockeyAllsvenskan for Karlskrona in the 2013/2014 season.

Tough start for MODO Hockey and Leksands IF

Things have not started so bright in the MODO and Leksand camps, coming away from their first two games without any points. Both teams have struggled to hit their stride in their opening encounters, lacking offensive chemistry amongst their new signings after both clubs lost key personnel during the offseason. 

MODO saw the exit of their star defensemen Kyle Cumiskey and Richie Regehr along with forward Jeff Tambellini. The three Canadians, who tallied 70 points between them, where the 3 highest point scorers in the Örnsköldsvik last season and appear to be sorely missed.

SHL Play: Highlights from Skellefteå AIK-MODO Hockey (6-2)

Leksand IF are suffering from a similar fate to begin their season after losing 3 of their top 4 scorers, Mikael Johansson, Jacob Blomqvist and 2013/2014 Highest Goal Scoring and Best Defenseman of the year Patrik Hersley. Although General Manager Tommy Salo has looked to sign sufficient replacements, the club has started the season as the critics expected them to finish it, under the Direct Qualification line.

SHL Play: Highlights from Brynäs IF - Leksands IF (4-1)

Linköping HC:s Jeff Taffe suspended 

It has been a nightmare start to the heavily anticipated SHL career of Jeff Taffe, the American was given a match penalty for an illegal check to the head of HV71 defenseman Emil Johansson, half way through the second period, in Linköping’s miracle comeback 4-6 loss to the Jönköping club. 

Taffe will already miss his team’s next match against Djurgården on Monday evening and may have a case to answer at the disciplinary tribunal after making hard contact to the head of Johansson causing blood to run from his nose. 

Taffe plead his innocence after the game, saying that it certainly was not his intention to injure his opponent and is not known as a dirty player.

– It is never good when something like this happens. I am not known to be a dirty player. I didn’t mean to hit him high, explained Jeff Taffe.

– It is a situation that you wish never happened. It is good to see that he (Emil Johansson) is ok, continued Taffe.

SHL Play: Watch the hit in SHL's Players Safety at SHL Play

Jeremy Darke
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2014-09-08 15:08:00 | Weekly reviews

Three Big Questions heading into SHL

Head Coaches in SHL 2014/2015 Photo: Joel Marklund / Bildbyrån

The wait is over with the SHL season just days away. The preseason has been long, as usual, and has given us all plenty to ponder over heading into the SHL 2014/2015.

There have been plenty of changes structurally to the SHL format heading into this season, as the league moves forward into a new era of hockey in Sweden. There has also been an abundance of interesting player movements that have enticed a mindful of speculation heading into the second year of the Swedish Hockey League. English blog takes a look at three big questions heading towards the 2014/2015 season, which gets underway on the 10th of September.

Where will the offense come from?

The SHL has seen eight of its top ten point scorers move on to play outside of Sweden this season, leaving the league with the question of where offensive productivity will come from in the 2014/15 season.

Only Linköping’s Chad Kolarik and Färjestad’s Joakim Hillding are left standing from the 2013/2014 top ten point scorers list, which leaves us contemplating where all the offensive strike-power will come from this season or if it will come at all?

If the all new Champions Hockey League is anything to go by, then the SHL and all its fans have absolutely nothing to worry about. Seven of the top ten point productive players in the CHL after the first 4 rounds of play come from the SHL, with Frölunda duo Mathis Olimb and Andreas Johnsson leading the way on 13 and 11 points respectively.

Pär Arlbrandt’s departure to Biel caused quite the fuss on the topic of huge offensive losses to Linköping and the league, but the highly anticipated arrival of Jeff Taffe to Sweden and his hot preseason form of 3 goals and 3 assists in 4 CHL matches brings premonitions of goal lights swirling over and over again this season.

Skellefteå AIK is double reigning champions Photo: Ola Westerberg 

Can Skellefteå AIK fill the void?

If any team has had the magnify glass held firmly over them throughout the whole entire offseason, it is double reigning and defending champions Skellefteå. The Västerbotteners have seen a mass exudos from the club after their second Le Mat Trophy in two years, and have been left to fill huge gaps left by the likes of Captain Jimmie Ericsson, Joakim Lindström, Oscar Möller etcetera and so on.

With so many big names making their way overseas Skellefteå’s coaching and management staff have stood strong behind their team, the development of their squad and the winning culture that they have driven deep into the veins of their players and the fans.

Although they have lost their six most productive players, one can only expect that Skellefteå will ride their new underdog tag as long as it holds as new stars will begin to rise up and fill the skates of the champions before them.

How will hybrid icing and shortened neutral zones affect play?

This offseason the Swedish Ice-Hockey Association decided that they will follow in the footsteps of the NHL and initiate the variation of hybrid icing into the game. Hybrid icing puts the initiative onto the linesman to make a call on whether he believes that the offensive team will get to the puck before the defensive player in an icing situation, where he will now allow the play to go on instead of blowing it down, as in previous seasons.

The new icing regulations is set to make for a more free flowing game of hockey, now giving teams the opportunity to have icings waved off if their players are in a point of offensive advantage after a long play from their defensive end of the ice. Teams will no doubt look to exploit their offensive speed to create new chances from quick distant counter-attack hockey.

The league has also decided to move both blue lines 1.5 meters closer to the centre of the ice thus increasing the size of the offensive/defensive zones. This increase in space lays more weight on teams to have strong skaters and technically skilled players, not only in their forward line but also defensive players must be able to move more freely.

The larger offensive zone will also give more opportunities on the powerplay by stretching the box, creating more space down low and a likelihood of more extra-man goals this season.

The tighter neutral zone should also make it easier for the new North American imports to find their stride on the European ice rink. The smaller zone should aid the problem that many international transfers have adjusting to timing issues as the cross through the middle sector of the rink.

Thousands of questions float around the abyss but all will begin to be answered in just a short time as the Swedish Hockey League hits full flight.

Jeremy Darke
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2014-06-04 10:45:00 | Information

The structural change and expansion of SHL

The SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan, late last season, informed that there will be a structural change to both leagues and a replacement to the process of how teams are relegated or promoted to and from the SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan.

Here will go through all of the changes to make them crystal clear:

SHL expansion to 14 teams 2015/2016

SHL will expand from 12 teams to 14 teams to develop the structure and the strength of Swedish hockey. To do so the qualification into SHL needed to be altered to allow for the 2 team expansion after the 2014/2015 season.

2014/2015 HockeyAllsvenskan Final

In the season 2014/2015 a HockeyAllsvenskan champion will be crowned in a best-of-five game playoff between the two highest placed teams after the regular season. The winner of the final will gain admission into the SHL for the 2015/2016 season. The loser of the playoff will move into the newly formed DirektKval (Direct Qualification), which will be explained shortly.

2014/2015 HockeyAllsvenskan SlutspelSerie (playoff series)

A single playoff series between the teams ranked 3-8 after the HockeyAllsvenskan regular season will be played. This will give the highest ranked 3 teams, after the SlutspelSerie, the chance to compete for a place in the SHL through DirektKval, the 3 lower placed teams will stay in HockeyAllsvenskan. In the case of equal points after the SlutspelSerie, match results will be taken into account.

2014/2015 DirektKval (Direct Qualification)

The DirektKval will be played between the teams ranked 11th and 12th from the 2014/2015 SHL regular season, joining them will be the loser of 2014/2015 HockeyAllsvenskan final and the 3 highest ranked teams after the HockeyAllsvenskan SlutspelSerie.

Each team will play a best-of-seven game series against one opponent and the 3 winners will gain admission into the SHL for the 2015/2016 season. The three losing teams will play in HockeyAllsvenskan the following year.

At the end of the 2015/2016 season, and beyond, the SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan relegation and promotion process will be as follows:

HockeyAllsvenskan Final

As in the previous season, a HockeyAllsvenskan Champion will be crowned, although they will not gain direct admission to the SHL. The winner will move on to DirektKval, meanwhile, the loser shall move into the Playoff round, which will be explained further along.

HockeyAllsvenskan SlutspelSerie

Once again, teams ranked 3-8 will participate in a playoff series just as the previous season, although only the highest ranked team from SlutspelSerie will progress on to the Playoff round against the loser of the HockeyAllsvenksan Final. The remaining 5 teams will once again compete in HockeyAllsvenskan the following season. In the case of equal points after the SlutspelSerie, match results will be taken into account.


A best-of-three game series between the loser of the HockeyAllsvenkan final and the winner of the Slutspelserie will determine which other team will progress to DirektKval. The winner of the playoff series will move on, the loser will return back to Allsvenskan the following season.


DirektKval will see the 13th and 14th placed teams from the SHL regular season join the HockeyAllsvenskan Champion and the winner of the Playoff in a one off best-of-seven series. The two winners will play in the SHL the following year, while the losing teams will be relegated down or back to HockeyAllsvenskan.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation”

- From SHL’s side we are very pleased with the cooperation with HockeyAllsvenskan and that we were able to find a system that was good all round for Swedish elite hockey, says Jörgen Lindgren, CEO of SHL:

- We created the development that we wanted for the SHL as a league, a program and process that began last summer with the name change and the new vision of a ‘total sports experience’ and the changes to the Play-In to the playoffs in the SHL, continued Lindgren.

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2014-04-22 13:40:00 | Skellefteå AIK

Skellefteå are champions of Sweden

Skellefteå AIK are once again Champions of Sweden after clean sweeping Färjestad BK 4-0 in the final series for the Le Mat Trophy. Skellefteå capped off their dominant season with an overpowering performance in the final against Färjestad, the Västerbotteners never loose like stumbling on the last step to a second consecutive title.

The season end has been somewhat of a relief for Skellefteå, as a pressure filled year has concluded with all expectations satisfied, as coach Hans Wallson summarized after his team's win.

- We have stood against the pressure and written history. We have had high expectations and also been written off, but we have have worked like animals and I am so damn proud.

Although the opportunity to be champion was lost by Färjestad, the season was far from a failure, the team overcome adversity and came together to give their fans something to cheer for until the final player left the ice after game 4 in Karlstad.

Joakim Lindtröm received the prize of the playoffs most valuable player, the Skellefteå assistant captain scored 6 goals and 12 assists, while leading his team and controlling the play throughout the whole postseason, this warranting the Stefan Liv Memorial Trophy.

Jeremy Darke

2014-04-15 16:05:00 | Okategoriserat

Skellefteå AIK vs. Färjestad BK: How they match up

There have been 330 regular season games and a further 34 in the playoffs, add in 5 play-in matches in between and we now have what we have all been waiting for after the first puck dropped 212 days ago, just two teams and the Le Mat Trophy.

The first final under the new SHL format will see last season’s champions, Skellefteå AIK, take on one of Swedish hockey’s biggest and historically best teams, Färjestad BK. Skellefteå will be out to win their second championship in a row and their third of all-time, while Färjestad will be looking to put a stop to their rival’s dominance and win their tenth title.

Färjestad’s mission of overcoming Skellefteå may be harder than getting their whole team up and over Kebnekaise, but with self-confidence as high as the mountain itself the men from Karlstad will not be seeing it as such a big challenge. Heading into both their quarter and semi-final match-ups, against Brynäs and Växjö, they were tagged as under-dogs, and they have fared just fine. The 2014 final will be no different, although this time they come up against the might and power of Skellefteå AIK.

Skellefteå have dominated all season long and have never really looked off course in making their way to the final for the fourth consecutive year. The postseason has not really been much of a challenge for the reigning champions either, brushing aside both HV71 and Linköping by a 4-1 series win. A second title in just as many years appears almost inevitable for the Västerbotteners after such an imperious and commanding year.

Although, the last time these two clubs met in the final of 2010/2011, the first of Skellefteå’s current finals run, it was the men from Karlstad that celebrated, wining the Le Mat Trophy 4-1 in the 7 game series.

SAIK Offense vs. FBK Defence

Skellefteå’s offense is in a scary state if you are a Färjestad fan. The current danger that Joakim Lindström, Oscar Möller and Jimmie Ericsson are delivering has undoubtedly given many of the Färjestad players’ nightmares over the last few nights, and has certainly been the biggest headache for Coach Leif Carlsson in the lead up to the final.

If you add Skellefteå’s playoff secret weapon, Viktor Arvidsson, to the list of offensive problems the Karlstad club will come up against, you have the top four point scorers so far in the 2014 playoffs. The quartet have scored 19 goals and 28 assists between them in just 10 games. The Västerbotteners on a whole are also scoring at a scary rate of 3.8 goals per game and are averaging a whopping 33 shots. 

On the other side of things, it has been Färjestad’s ability to unsettle their opponents physically that has been one of the most impressive parts of their game throughout the end of the regular season and during the playoffs to date. If FBK are going to put up any sort of fight in this series they are going to have to get under the skin of Lindström and Ericsson, a task easier said than done. Tough guy Ole-Kristian Tollefsen will have to play physical and put on big hits to irritate his opponents and put a spanner in the works of the mechanical Skellefteå offence. 

FBK Offense vs. SAIK Defence

The Färjestad offense has not been short of chances throughout these playoffs, although a lack of a quality finishing has been a slight downfall in their game. With just under 30 shots on goal averaged each game, the Karlstad club have been able to put their opposing goaltenders under constant stress. Milan Gulas has been the most trouble offensively for FBK scoring 5 goals so far in these playoffs, shooting the puck 32 times with an impressive 15.63 shot effectiveness. Magnus Nygren has been relatively quiet to his standards so far this postseason and will have to take more of an advantage when given the chance to shoot from blue line during this series.

As strong as Skellefteå’s offense is, the defence is just as sharp, their two-way style of hockey being the key to their dominance throughout the whole year and in the playoffs. SAIK’s ability to keep their opponents chances to a minimum is second to none, constantly keeping their opposing forwards to the outside limiting any opportunities in front of their own goal. Skellefteå’s defence has only let in 17 goals in this year’s playoffs and more impressively has allowed only 256 shots on goal; to put that into perspective that is 100 shots less than Färjestad.


Coming into an SHL final goaltending is always going to be a talking point, and this year is certainly no different. There is going to be a battle at between the pipes as Marcus Svensson and Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel, go head-to-head, which will produce highlight after highlight on SHL Play throughout the whole series.

Pettersson-Wentzel has already faced 356 shots on goal this postseason and has performed brilliantly, holding a 93.54 save percentage. PW’s hot form needs to continue as he will be called upon repetitively to come up big for Färjestad during this final series. 

Marcus Svensson on the other hand has not been asked to do as much work as his rival, but has been just as impressive. He has a 93.36 save percentage this postseason and will carry in high amounts of confidence heading into the final.

Special Teams

If 5-on-5 play has not caused enough sleepless nights for Färjestad then the thought of 5-on-4 would have certainly done the trick. Skellefteå’s powerplay has been almost unstoppable during the 2014 playoffs, answering for 15 of the teams 38 total goals.

To make matters worse for FBK, their boxplay has only been killing penalties at 81.08 percent in these playoffs and has allowed 69 shots in 37 short-handed opportunities. If FBK allow Skellefteå to set-up their offence with the man advantage, they will find themselves in a warzone of shots that will only have one possible outcome.

Unfortunately for Färjestad they have not been able to get their powerplay underway during the 2014 playoffs, struggling to find ways to setup in their offensive zone or hit any real rhythm. Skellefteå’s strong boxplay should not have any problems killing off a currently lacklustre Färjestad man advantage.

Jeremy Darke

2014-04-14 11:15:00 | Färjestad BK

Färjestad BK join Skellefteå in the final

(Photo: Simone Syversson, Pic-Agency)

Färjestad’s fairy-tale run back to greatness after a tough start to the season continues, the Varmlanders beat Växjö Lakers 4-2 in their semi-final series, in a brutal clash.

There was no shortage of emotion or feeling in the series between Färjestad and Växjö, both clubs showing no mercy when throwing their weight around to unsettle their opponents. It was certainly a series for the enforcers, with plenty of scuffles and big hits, a tactic that favoured the newly revived Karlstad club, using their tough guys to unsettle their opponents, just as they did in their quarter-final clash against Brynäs.

A new and improved Färjestad BK has continued to get stronger and more and more impressive after their trip back from Canada. Their new aggressive style of play has proven to work in their favour, overpowering Växjö with muscle, to create chances for their goal scorers to hit the back of the net, something that just didn’t happen for the club earlier in the year. 

The team has taken huge steps back to becoming what everyone expected them to be at the beginning of the year and now find themselves in the final to play off for the Le Mat Trophy, after a very ordinary regular season.

– Thos is not a one-man-show from my side, the whole association got stronger when it went tough, explained Färjestad Coach Leif Carlsson:

– We built the team enormously after the AHL trip to Canada; we travelled a lot and had many hours to talk with each other. Now we are in the final, we battle and have high moral in the group.

Växjö exceeded the expectations

After opening up early in the series it became a tight affair and it was Färjestad’s ability to fight from behind in the third period, giving them the opportunity to win matches and ultimately take the series after six games. The final three games of the series FBK were able come back from a one goal deficit in the final period, winning two of those three games and losing the other in overtime after a freakish and unlucky goal.

Växjö exceeded the expectations of many this year, finishing third after the regular season and putting up a strong fight in the semi-final, in the club’s first ever playoffs in Sweden’s top league.  Although Växjö have had a record breaking season, they still feel that they have come up short after continuously showing their hunger to go deeper in this year’s playoffs.

– I think that we had a good season where we played well in SHL, had a good series against Luleå, said Växjö coach Sam Hallam after his team’s emotional series loss. We are certainly not satisfied, it is empty and you feel almost nauseous when it ends so quickly.

Färjestads’s win now sets up an epic SHL final against hot favourites Skellefteå. The Karlstad club will be looking to win their tenth Championship in history, while the Västerbottners will be trying to finish off their dominant year with their second consecutive Le Mat Trophy.

Jeremy Darke
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2014-04-09 12:20:00 | Skellefteå AIK

Skellefteå AIK first team to the finals

(Photo: Bert Söderström.

Skellefteå AIK will compete for their second straight Le Mat Trophy and will look to become back-to-back champions, becoming the first team to make it to the final in the playoffs on Tuesday night.

It always appeared inevitable as the indestructible Skellefteå team glided through this year’s playoff semi-final, against Linköping, just as they did in the quarter-final, winning the series 4-1.

If Linköping were the giant killers in their quarter-final against Frölunda, then the giants got their revenge, Skellefteå simply stomping all over the White Lions, outscoring them 22-7 in the five matches played.

– We let in too many goals when we ourselves have been coming into the game, said Linköping coach Roger Melin after his team’s semi-final loss.

The production continued from SAIK’s big guns Jimmie Ericsson, Joakim Lindström and Oscar Möller as it did against HV71. The trio dominated the play visibly out on the ice and also on the score sheet, Ericsson picking up another 3 goals and maintaining his huge stature in front of goal, while Lindström and Möller dictated the play once again, putting together a six point series to share the playoff point scoring lead with 13.

–  It feels so good. The boys are just shooting at me and I am just hoping to get a touch on them before they go in, explained Jimmie Ericcson to C More on his goal scoring form.

Fourth consecutive final

Skellefteå now move on to their fourth consecutive final and will be striving to be the first team to win the Le Mat Trophy back-to-back since Djurgårdens IF in 2000 and 2001.

For Linköping it is time to find some closure on their up and down season, while taking out the positive fact that they were able to get themselves together when they needed to the most, pushing their way through to the semi-finals, where they unfortunately met a stronger and more determined opponent.

Linköping didn’t appear to be the same team the forced their way past the Play In against MODO Hockey and the quarter-final against Frölunda, lacking the energy and will power to fight against the hockey machine that is Skellefteå.

– We didn’t lose a match in the last seven or eight games (of the season), then went into the Play In with that feeling and we won two games there, explained Melin to C More:

– We had a really good feeling going into the quarter-final, we battle hard in those games. I don’t know if it took too much energy or if we just were not bothered to put up a fight when we met an even stronger opponent. 

Jeremy Darke
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2014-04-09 08:33:00 | Djurgårdens IF

Örebro and Djurgården qualify to SHL

(Foto: Tobias Eriksson,

The final round of Kvalserien has been played and it is now clear that Örebro and Djurgården will be in the SHL in the 2014/2015 season, after a nail biting series that went down to the final minutes.

Örebro made sure that their destiny stayed in their own hands, already requalifying for the SHL last Tuesday with two Kvalserien matches to spare. It was a dominating performance by this season’s newcomers, winning six of the first eight matches in the series to give themselves early qualification and prove that they deserve to remain in Sweden’s top hockey league.

– It is absolutely amazing! There has been pressure on us to remain in the SHL and we went in as favourites. So it is nice to have it done in the eighth round already, expressed Örebro’s Daniel Sondell to

– I think that we had the best team and probably the best offense also, continued Sondell.

Djurgården is back 

Djurgården’s quest back into the SHL from HockeyAllsvenskan was certainly done the hard way, leaving it until the final round and relying on goal differential to qualify. Coming in to the final match the Stockholmers sat one goal behind Rögle in the plus/minus statistic, but a 6-2 whooping of VIK Västerås, gave them the difference they needed to be welcomed back into Sweden’s top league after just one year in HockeyAllsvenskan.

– I am so happy, I am so happy. It is huge. Djurgården are back, they are home.  It is wonderful to get Djurgården back, said an overwhelmed Michael Holmqvist to Aftonbladet after their final match.

– Our fans have been so important, they came together every game.

With Djurgården’s qualification, Stockholm rivals AIK will now be left with the task to requalify for the SHL through HockeyAllsvenskan in the 2014/2015 season, after a disappointing year and a further disappointing requalification series.

– I can’t say much, because there is nothing really there, mainly just blank looks. There is not a lot to look at in there, replied AIK’s Mattias Janmark to Aftonbladet when asked about the feeling in his team’s change room after their demotion to HockeyAllsvenskan.

Jeremy Darke
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2014-03-28 11:45:00 | Linköpings HC

Defensive Linköping progress to semi-final

(Photo: Tommy Holl,

Linköping continue to take advantage of the extra life they were given by the new addition of the Play In-series, shutting-out the second ranked Frölunda in the seventh game of the quarter-finals to win the series 4-3.

It has not been the most consistent year in Linköping, dipping in and out of form and finishing ninth after the regular season. They will be thanking the hockey gods though, that this was the year that the SHL decided to change it's playoff format, including a Play In-series between teams ranked from 7-10 after the regular season.

After taking care of MODO Hockey in the Play In-series, Linköping have now progressed to the semi-final, shutting down Frölunda in a back-and-fourth quarter-final meeting.

Frölunda were unable to take advantage of the defensive style of play that Linköping presented in the series, something that they have struggled with throughout the whole season when they have been put up against teams that have been less aggressive offensively.

– Linköping have changed their play to fit the playoffs, to play a defensive style of hockey that we know does not fit us well, explains Frölunda Coach Roger Rönnberg to Kanal 9.

– We have had problems with Örebro and Leksand the whole season, who play in that way. We have never really found a way against it.

"We work hard for each other"

Linköping coach Roger Melin is obviously satisfied with the way that his troops have worked for each other during their quarter-final win, and how they have executed their defensive plan.

– We are really happy, we work hard for each other, we have got a good understanding of our defensive play and I hope that it can take us a long way, said Melin to Aftonbladet.

Linköping will now be looking to be giant killers once again when they take on Skellefteå in a tantalizing semi-final replay from the 2013 playoffs. "The White Lions" will once again head into that series as heavy underdogs, as they have done throughout this post season.

– We believe in ourselves even if Skellefteå are going to be big favourites in the series. We are going to do everything to take them, says Linköping defenseman Magnus Johansson.

Linköping will be looking to create as many problems for the reigning SHL Champions as they did in 2013, where 4-out-of-5 games in the series where sent to overtime, although Skellefteå still progressed with a 4-1 semi-final win.

– We played against them last year, so we just need to play against them the same way, it went pretty well, said goaltender Christian Engstrand.

Jeremy Darke
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2014-03-27 15:55:00 | Växjö Lakers HC

Växjö Lakers continue to write history

(Photo: Fredrik Sundvall, 

Last year’s finalists Luleå Hockey are the latest team to exit the 2014 playoff series, doing so at the hands of the Växjö Lakers who now move on to their first semi-final in the club’s short SHL/Elitserien history. ¨Everybody gave their bodies and their minds to win these matches¨ said goalie Teemu Lassila.

Växjö entered the 2014 playoffs as a rookie team that had never played in a finals series in Sweden’s highest league in the club’s existence. Their inexperience or hype of their achievement didn’t cause them any nerves, outclassing their opponents Luleå in a 4-2 series win.

 It was a very tight and controlled Växjö who took the quarter-final series, the Smålanders came together as a group and were dangerous all over the ice, proving too much for Luleå who could not continue to match their rivals.

– We met a really good Växjö, I can promise you that, explained Luleå Coach Jonas Rönnqvist to Kanal 9 after their series loss.

– Many say that they are not a dangerous team, but they could be the most dangerous team in the entire SHL. Their team staff have done a fantastic job. When you face them you feel that they are together as one, and they know what todays hockey is all about. We couldn’t come up to our opponents level. 

Växjö’s Finnish goaltender was the hero for Smålanders in their quarter-final win, Teemu Lassila recording three shut-outs in four of Växjö’s wins in the series. Lassila allowed no more than 8 shots go into his net, in the 6 games he protected his team’s goal, topping the league with a goals against average of 1.43. The modest net-minder could only give credit to the whole team after their quarter final win. 

– It wasn’t just my effort that got us the win, it was the whole team. They gave everything in every situation, it feels really good. Everyone gave their bodies and their minds to win these matches, said Teemu Lassila.

The Smålanders first line also played their part in taking their team to the semi-final, the forward pairing of Rhett Rakhashani, Dennis Rasmussen and Tomi Kallio led their team with 15 points this series while the defensive pairing of Noah Welch and Cory Murphy, continued to pull their weight offensively, as they have done all season long, producing 3 goals and 4 assists of their own.

The Norrbotteners were never up to the level that was expected in this quarter-final meeting. Luleå Hockey continued to find it difficult to come back from their poor end of the season, hitting the bottom of their form curve at the wrong time of the year, losing their final 5 matches heading into the playoffs to drop down to sixth place in the league.

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2014-03-25 10:40:00 | Färjestad BK

Färjestad outmuscle Brynäs in series win

(Photo: Jan Bulér / Pic-Agency)

Form strong Färjestad and Brynäs came together in a tough and physical series, that produced many crushing hits against the boards and spectacular open-ice contact, but it was the men from Karlstad that got on top of their opponents and took the series comfortably 4-1.

The meeting between the fourth and fifth ranked teams, after the 55 game season was always going to be one of the most exciting contests in the 2014 playoffs and it certainly didn’t disappoint, with five tight encounters.

It was Färjestad that outmuscled their opponents all over the ice and won the important battles in-front of the net, moving them into the semi-finals, which is an overwhelming achievement after their ordinary start to the season.

The Karlstad club where flirting with Kvalserien danger after their worst start to a season in modern times, ranking tenth in the standings as recent as November and looked as though they would have been fighting for survival in the SHL at this time of the year, not moving into a position to play off for the Le Mat Trophy.

- We have had a really tough season, but we have patiently worked our way forward and now we have made it to the semi-final, top four, it’s fantastic, said Färjestad Coach Leif Carlsson.

"We have come together since our trip"

Färjestad came back a new team from their exhibition matches in North American during the Olympic break, becoming the form strongest team in the SHL, winning 5 of their last 6 games, and carried that streak into their quarter-final meeting against Brynäs.

- We don’t have any special line or special guy that does everything, we are a team that work hard. We have come together since our trip to North America, continued Carlsson.

One performance that has stood out for Färjestad, is that of goaltender Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel, who has been a saviour for his team in net. ”PW” has stopped 142 shots this series to top the league with a 94.04 save percentage. Many expectations were placed on ”PW” before the start of this season and he has answered in the most crucial time of the year.

For Brynäs it has been another year of what could have been, ranked fourth after the regular season to then go on and drop out in the first round of the playoffs, for the second year in-a-row after winning the Le Mat Trophy in 2012.

The Gävle club looks set to rebuild in the off-season, with many key players going off contract. The point producing pair of Ryan Gunderson and Johan Harju have, by rumors, already signed for new KHL club Jokerit. Brynäs will be hoping to bring in some new faces that will take them back, deeper into the playoffs next season.

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2014-03-24 13:40:00 | Skellefteå AIK

Skellefteå finish a brave HV71’s season

If you took a look at the series score between Skellefteå and HV71 it would appear as business as usual, the 4-1 win by the regular season champions against the tenth best team in a seven game series was what was expected. The score doesn’t tell the story in what was a tough quarter-final win for Skellefteå, HV71 forcing the Västerbotten team to produce their best to be the first team to progress into the semi-final.

It has been somewhat of a chaotic year for HV71, spending a good portion of the year fighting their way from the bottom of the standings. When Coach Torgny Bendelin took over the job in December his goal was to ensure that the Jönköping club stayed in Sweden’s highest league and did not face unpredictable Kvalserien playoff.

Bendelin and HV71 achieved that goal and also produced one of the bravest and impressive showings in recent times in the SHL, pushing Skellefteå right to the end and finishing their season with a performance to be proud of.

– I feel an enormous pride for the team, said coach Torgny Bendelin to C More. They have all battled the whole way, it was just small margins.

– I have been with the team three months; it has been an amazing experience.  A wonderful trip for an old man, every day during the last few month have been filled with happiness.

As impressive as HV71 were, Skellefteå were better and never looked like losing control of the quarter-final series. Beside their double overtime loss in game 4, that could have whitewashed the Jönköping club, the 2013 LeMat Trophy winners were mechanical in their play and gave a dominant series result that was expected.

Skellefteå’s big names have not wasted any time in the playoffs to hit their stride, a frightening fact for their unknown semi-final opponents. Viktor Arvidsson has already proven to be a playoff weapon, just as he was last year, along with the Oscar Möller, the pair both involving themselves in 7 goals throughout their series with HV71.

Their production, and also Captain Jimmie Ericsson’s 5 goal haul in the quarter-finals can mainly be credited to the flawless powerplay of their team. Its 43 percent efficiency was one of the margins that gave Skellefteå the edge throughout this series.

– We have played together a long time (on the powerplay), and have had the same people, explained Joakim Lindström after their series win. We know each other well and have different variations. We talk about it a lot during training and games.

Lindström has also been inspirational in Skellefteå’s first step to a back-to-back Le Mat Trophy, taking up the role of provider and playmaker, scoring 1 goal and 5 assists of his own. The home-grown talent controlled the play during long periods in this series and could be Skellefteå’s most dangerous weapon heading into the semi-finals.

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2014-03-13 12:40:00 | Okategoriserat

Big news regarding SHL in the future

An agreement has been reached between the boards of SHL and Hockey Allsvenskan where a complete solution for the development of Swedish icehockey has been presented. The arrangement includes new models for future qualification system and greater synergy between the leagues SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan in both sporting and other issues. 

14 teams in SHL 2015/2016

Kvalserien, where team 11 and 12 of SHL qualifys against teams from the league HockeyAllsvenskan, will be played as usual this season. Next season big changes are coming up when the winner of the league HockeyAllsvenskan goes to play in the SHL the upcoming season. By a qualifying league and a playoff another team also moves up to the SHL and the season 2015/2016 will consist of 14 teams.

Promotion and relegation between SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan will occur after the 2015/2016 season but then in two playoff series in best of seven games.

"We are very pleased with the cooperation"

- From SHL we are very satisfied with the cooperation with Hockeyallsvenskan to find a system that is good overall for all Swedish hockey, says Jörgen Lindgren, CEO of SHL:

- The development we want for SHL as a league continues, a program that began last summer with changing the name to SHL and the new vision of ”The complete sports experience”.


2014-02-11 11:56:00 | Weekly reviews

Skellefteå and Frölunda battling perfection

This week in the SHL gave us everything that it promised heading into the Winter Olympics break, a record was broken, Patrik Hersley now the highest goal scoring defender in the history of Sweden’s top league, two veterans in Frölunda continue their hot form to lead their team on a point streak and a North American makes a break in his blight to be the SHL’s most effective goal scorer.

After a relatively slow start to the season for Frölunda veterans, Dick Axelsson and Magnus Kahnberg, the pair has begun to show their experience and peak at the right time of the year. Frölunda have taken all points on offer in their last six games, something that no other club has been able to do this season, and it has been the leadership of Axelsson and Kahnberg that have set the example. The veteran duo have combined for 7 goals and 9 assists in the Gothenburg club’s 6 game streak, Kahnberg doing the scoring with 5 goals and Axelsson being the provider with 6 assists.

Although Frölunda have been flawless in their hunt for the top spot in the league, the Swedish Champions, Skellefteå, have responded themselves. It was a tough start to 2014 for the league leaders, losing 5 games straight, but they have bounced back with force, taking 20 of 21 points in their last 7 games after their slump. This week it was Oscar Möller who was the difference for Skellefteå, the Los Angeles Kings prospect scoring a hat-trick in his team’s 4-2 victory over Örebro and then followed it up with a double against HV71 just two days later. The Norrlanders still maintain a 10 point lead at the top with just 18 points left on offer for the remainder of the season.

Hersley in the history books

Patrik Hersley’s quest for the goal scoring record for a defenseman is now conquered after, the 27 year-old, rocketed a slap-shot top corner from the face-off circle in Leksand’s 3-1 win against Örebro on Saturday, scoring his 22 goal of the season. The previous record for a goal scoring defenceman was also held by a Leksand defender, Jan Huokko, with 21 goals in a single season. Hersley has almost appeared out of nowhere this year to take Huokko’s record and with six games still left to play after the Olympic break, you can expect Hersley to increase his count from 22. 

Linköping, as a team, have undeniably had their problems this season, positioned ninth in the standings, but on an individual level things have not been going bad at all. Pär Arlbrandt has been at the top of the point scoring list for most of the season and appears to have the title of point king in the bag, leading by 10 points over Luleå’s Linus Klasen with just 6 games left. The goal scoring race is proving a much title battle, where American Chad Kolarik now moves in control of that category, taking over from teammate Simon Hjalmarsson and Linus Klasen. The former AHL star has come alive during the back-end of the season, despite his team’s lack of form, this week finding the back of the net four times, giving him a buffer of three in the goal scoring standings after 27 goals throughout the year.

The hockey world now has a break for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the SHL returning on the 25th of February for an intensive 6 game stretch to the playoffs.  

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2014-02-05 10:42:00 | HV71

Christensen: “It was just instant chemistry”

Christensen in the game vs AIK (Photo: Sami Grahn /

Erik Christensen took some time to get settle in to the SHL having a slow start to his career in Sweden, to his standard, with just 13 points in 22 games. But with the inclusion of young Swiss talent Kevin Fiala in January the sparks have flied and there chemistry has boosted the Canadians production to over a point per game. “It was just instant chemistry, sometimes chemistry you just can’t explain,” said Christensen.

The impact that Kevin Fiala has had on HV71 has been unimaginable, especially the way that the 17 year old has been able to lift the game of his line-mates Erik Christensen and Ted Brithén. His positive impact was no more noticeable than in their 3-1 loss to AIK in Stockholm on Tuesday night, when Fiala was scratched from the line-up. To make matters worse, Ted Brithén was injured just 2 minutes into the game to completely destroy HV71’s most current productive line and coincidently any real offensive creativity.   

– To not have Kevin and lose Ted early and not come back was just disappointing because we have had a lot of success lately in the last ten or fifteen games, said a dispirited Erik Christensen.

To say that the line of Christensen, Fiala and Brithén has been a success is an understatement, the combination scoring just under half of the team’s goals since Fiala joined the roster on the 8th of January. The treble have mounted a pile of points for HV71 since forming a line, scoring 12 goals and 18 assists between them and have become a real force the Jönköping club.  

– Kevin has added a whole new dimension to our line with his skill level. Ted and I are both fairly skilled guys ourselves and we are a bit bigger and skate well, but Kevin, his skill is at another level, explained Christensen.

 – He makes so many plays and creates so much room for us with the way he can pass the puck and see the ice. Right away we found ourselves getting a lot of chances and scoring a lot of points.

Christensen explained that Fiala’s ability to draw attention and players to him and create scoring chances has been a direct result of the increase in his own personal scoring of 6 goals and 7 assists in nine games since the young Swiss winger arrived.

– A lot of the time when Kevin has the puck he brings people to him and then passes it off when we are wide open. A lot of goals have been scored that way. He can have two guys on him and keep holding onto the puck and then just throw a pass and find us open.

– It was just instant chemistry, sometimes chemistry you just can’t explain.

Christensen’s NHL experience a plus for Fiala

The 30 year old, Edmonton born, center, has played 387 games for various clubs in the NHL and has a world of experience to pass on of Kevin Fiala, himself and line-mate Ted Brithén doing their best to guide the young talent in the right direction.

– We try to talk to Kevin a lot, it is a different game from playing junior to playing pro hockey. This is a big jump from junior and there is lots to learn and we try and help him out. He can make little mistakes that you need to weed out of your game when you get to higher levels.

– When I was 17 years old I was playing junior hockey in Canada, I wasn’t playing professional hockey like him. Just goes to show that he has got a pretty bright future.

“There is more detail”

Despite their most recent loss in Stockholm, HV71 have saved what was looking like their worst season in the recent times, turning a losing season into a winning one since coach, Torgny Bendelin joined the club during the Christmas break, taking over from the departed Ulf Dahlén.

Christensen puts the vast change of form down to Bendelin’s attention to detail defensively and the time he takes during practice to perfect the team’s systems.

– There is a little bit more detail with the stuff we do, especially with our systems, defensive zone coverage, neutral zone fore-checking and offensive zone fore-checking. There is just more detail to it and we practice it more often so we are ready when the games come.

Erik Christensen is contracted with HV71 only until the end of this season but is keeping closed lip about any contract talks, although he does admit that he is loving life in his new home, Sweden.

– It has been brought up (contract talks) but I just want to focus on next year, I don’t want it to be a distraction.

– I really enjoy it here. It was a tough year when I started out in Prague, playing in the KHL, things didn’t work out. This has been a much better situation for me. Sweden reminds me a lot of Canada and I live in a small little town that reminds me of home. I feel really comfortable and everyone has been really great to me. Playing in our home building, a sold out building, I really couldn’t ask for anything more right now. 

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