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2012-04-02 10:57:00 | Brynäs IF

Andreas Dackell retires

Andreas Dackell, team captain of Brynäs IF, if forced to end his active career following a knee injury. He's been troubled by the injury during the whole season but yet tried a comeback in the playoffs, a comeback that didn't succeded.

"It feels strange of course. Hockey is something I've been playing all my life, but everything has a limit", Andreas Dackell told the clubs website. "It hurts a lot and simply doesn't work to play games anymore".

The 39-year old Dackell will now be supporting his teammates rinkside.

Johan Wennerström

2012-04-04 09:54:00 | Brynäs IF

Brynäs clinched the finals!

For the first time since 1999, Brynäs IF from Gävle has clinched the finals in the playoffs! After a 4-2 win in game 5, the 4-1 series win was written to the history books.

Brynäs penalty killing against Färjestad was superb, not one single goal against was allowed. After the first overtime win for reigning champions Färjestad, Brynäs won four straight games. In all of these games, Jakob Silfverberg scored points - and when he does so in the playoffs, Brynäs wins.

Brynäs also scored the first goal in all five games against Färjestad, and is without doubt a worthy candidate to being Swedish champions this spring.

Tobias Josefsson
Chief editor,

2012-05-11 15:48:00 | Brynäs IF

Gunderson: "I almost felt like a rock star"

Last month Brynäs clinched the Swedish title for the first time since 1999. One of Brynäs key players throughout the whole season was the 26-year-old American Ryan Gunderson.

The defenseman from Bensalem simply had a great season. 34 points in 55 games in the regular season and three goals in the playoffs. Ryan Gunderson, you didn´t just win gold in your first season in Elitserien, your stats are really impressive as well?

- It's crazy, some guys play for 20 years without winning and I win in my first year. The whole thing was really cool and now I´m just trying to enjoy it as much as I can. It was great to be a part of Brynäs and I will never forget it, Gunderson says to and continues:

- My plan was to continue to improve and to produce offensively. It took some time to adjust to Elitserien, but after scoring my first goal I felt I had settled in. Mentally that first goal was really important and after that it went well. But I also have to mention it helps pretty much to have teammates like those I had this season.

Brynäs IF Swedish Champions!
Brynäs - Swedish Champions 2012. Photo: Tobias Josefsson

And after winning you celebrate, tell me about your last weeks?
- For a week or two it was pretty wild (laughter), but now it´s back to reality. It took a few days to realize how big it was in Gävle (hometown of Brynäs) and then most of the guys came over to Las Vegas.

I presume as an American you were the leader in Vegas?
- No, I certainly wasn´t the leader. I would say Widing (Daniel) and Andersén (Niclas) were the two frontmen. They were the ones booking the trip as well.

Your trip to Vegas got some news attention as well, I have to ask how early it was booked?

- It was booked a while back, but we also had an insurance policy, so if we didn´t make it far in the playoffs we had the option to cancel the trip. But the plan worked out well for us and I think it also gave us a boost.

Which was better, to celebrate together with all the fans in Gävle or with just the team in Las Vegas?

- The one in Gävle. It was really cool to share it with the fans and you almost feel like a rock star.

Gunderson, Silfverberg and Järnkrok.
Gunderson, Silfverberg and Järnkrok. Photo: Jan Bulér/

Why do you think your team won in the end?
- We were really tight as a team. Jakob Silfverberg delivered every night and obviously our two goalkeepers Niklas Svedberg and "Honken" (Johan Holmqvist) were really good as well.

Any other key player?
- Calle Järnkrok is an awesome player. I also want to mention Simon Bertilsson. He doesn´t get so much credit but he had a strong season as well.

Which team was the toughest team to beat in the playoffs?
- We had trouble with Frölunda already during the regular season and in the playoffs we really had to struggle before we got the momentum against them, so therefore I have to say Frölunda.

Ryan Gunderson in action.
Ryan Gunderson in action. Photo: Jan Bulér,

Prior to the last season your coach Tommy Jonsson and all players in Brynäs were very clear about your goal, that is to clinch the title. This surprised many people in Sweden, what´s your opinion in this matter?

- It was really good for us and I don´t see why you should set the expectations any lower than that.

What do you think about your team for the upcoming season?
- You can´t find a new guy like Jakob Silfverberg, but both our new guys Sebastian Enterfeldt and Johan Harju are really good players.

I guess I don´t need to ask about Brynäs goal for the next season?
- (laughter) I guess not. What´s the point of just hoping you make it to the playoffs.

Peter Karlberg

2012-09-25 16:15:00 | Brynäs IF

Meet the defender Ryan Gunderson

Ryan Gunderson and Jonathan Granström. (Photo: Henrik Johansson, Pic-Agency)

The american defender Ryan Gunderson have started the season in a really good way. Three points in the first four games from the defender who is one of the biggest stars i Brynäs IF. And Gunderson is happy to be a part of the team, that won the championship last year.

- Its a great group of players, and I really enjoy it, he says in a interview with Brynäs official website. 

One of the goals Gunderson have made this season was the game winning against Linköping and that goal was voted as the "Goal of the week".

Johannes Gullbrand


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