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Season recap: Frölunda Indians

3 april 2020 14:59
Season recap

We continue to summarize the season, club by club. It's now time for the reigning champions Frölunda, who won the CHL, but failed to reach the top six in the SHL. "From mid-January onwards, we didn't perform at all how we wanted," says Joel Mustonen, 26.

Standing: 7 (85 points)

Joel Mustonen's comment: “It's disappointing with how we finished and the slumps we had during the season. That was the big problem, and the bumps that came sometime after Christmas. From mid-January onwards we did not perform at all how we wanted. We had been in the top three before that. Then the bumps were there all season, but as I said, it came more after Christmas. I think we got it right at the end of the season, the last two weeks were good. "

Last season you talked about the CHL title giving you energy. Did you feel that the CHL success caused you to lose power in the SHL this season?

– No. That wasn't my experience. As you said, it gave us a huge boost last season. We won this year as well and I remember the feeling that now we are champions again, but it was almost the other way around. But I don't think it had anything to do with the CHL.

Do you have any theory as to why you lost so much from January onwards?

– No. You almost have to ask our coaches about that. They have certainly gone through it day and night since the season ended. Given how well we are in many statistical aspects, I don't really understand it. It's hard to answer what it was.

Offensively, number of goals scored: 154 (3)

Mustonen's comment: "Our absolute strength is when we get puck down deep. There we are probably the hardest team to play against. We have all kinds of statistics and from what I understand we are best at creating chances when we are deep in the attacking zone. Offensively, we're good."

Defensively, number of goals scored: 126 (4)

Mustonen's comment: "We haven't been sufficiently defensive, I think. Especially when we had our weakness at the end, we had trouble holding the teams in the neutral zone. During periods when we have played well we have been incredibly tight defensively. Looking at how we have played in the most important games, like in CHL, it has felt like we can't be beaten."

Powerplay 24.71 percent (3)

Mustonen's comment: “It's all about the material, the players we have there are really good. In the last games we had five forwards on the powerplay and it was just super-playful guys. I think Ryan (Lasch) is the best in the league at what he does, just by working out the passes. If you join the SHL you know what guys we have in the powerplay and there is endless skill there.”

Penalty Kill: 80.90 percent (8)

Mustonen's comment: "You can't say that we deserve to be higher up, but I think we have been pretty good. We have good penalty killers and we have played good hockey on the kill for a long time. I know that "We have been good at it even when we let in a lot of goals. There are some small details that need improving. I still think it has been stable."

Home Record: 56 points (4)

Mustonen's comment: “Scandinavium I think directly about the playoffs and closing last year. I think we had 14, 15 straight wins after CHL for the SM gold. It is a great advantage to have the support we have at home."

Away Record: 29 points (8)

Muston's comment: "It's been a bit choppy this year for some reason. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, but it's something we need to work on. It requires more patience to play on the away ice when you don't not have the support of the home fans. You have to stick to your gameplan and really grind down your opponent. The energy does not come as easily in away game."

Faceoffs: 52.12 percent (4)

Mustonen's comment: “I think directly of Joel (Lundqvist) who is one of the best characters in the league. He is very stable there and extra impressive that he is almost as good on both sides. He is almost as strong on forehand as on backhand."


…point leader: Ryan Lasch, 48 points (12+36)

…most penalty minutes: Nicklas Lasu, 80 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Ryan Lasch, 4 GWG.

…most hits: Joel Lundqvist, 85

…players with the most on ice average per match: Ryan Lasch, 19:12 min/match