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Season recap: Växjö Lakers

31 mars 2020 14:59
Season recaps

We continue to look back at the regular season, club by club. Now it's time for Växjö Lakers, as forward Marcus Sylvegård gives his opinion on the season. "I think we had a team that could've been top 4, but we weren't and it is clear that we are not happy with it," says the 20-year-old.

Standing: 10 (70 points)

Marcus Sylvegård's comment: “We are not satisfied. I know that people went to Växjö because the club aims for SM gold every year. I think we have a team that could've been top 4, but we weren't and it is clear that we are not happy with that.

After ten rounds, you were last with six points. How much did the start affect the rest of the season?

– Clearly it affected the whole season. We were a little unsure. After Christmas we started playing well. It's good that we finished tenth considering the start we had. We may not be happy with it, but it is still good to come tenth considering that start.

How mentally difficult is it to get such a start?

– Yes, it was hard. Once this season, I think we won three games in a row and it is clear that it's a mental thing that we couldn't get a streak. Other teams could win ten home games in a row or something like that. If you win four, five games in a row, it will be a lot of points. We lost a lot in the beginning and was an uphill battle from then on.

Eleven new players came in during the season. Did that affect anything, like it might take longer than you though to get the chemistry going?

– I think we have a good, tight group. I think that the coaches and the leaders were watching. We were a tight group. We had quite a lot of players coming in during the season and they suited us very well. That's not where the problem was.

Offensively, number of goals scored: 127 (11)

Sylvegård's comment: “At the beginning of the season we were not good offensively, and we weren't for the whole season. But I think it got better towards the end of the season. We got a little sharper and took the puck more towards the net. We weren't happy just to have it in the attack zone and I think that was the big difference."

Defensively, number of goals scored: 143 (10)

Sylvegård's comment: “I think we have a pretty good defensive game. I don't know why we were tenth. We had a good start at the beginning of the season and then things went better. It has been a bit mixed, with high mountains and deep valleys. Often I think we have kept the opponents on the outside and not let them into the shooting areas. It's something I think we did well in the end."

Penalty Kill: 72.68 percent (13)

Sylvegård's comment: "There is not much to say. It is not an acceptable stat. Often it is in Special Teams that games are decided and in the penalty kill, we were not good enough.”

Powerplay: 19.70 percent (8)

Sylvegård's comment: “I don't want to sound like everything is negative. At times we had an okay powerplay. We have had a lot of change over the season and therefore we have not been able to keep the lines we wanted, but it has changed a bit and that is perhaps why it has been a bit bad, but many times I think we had a good powerplay."

Home record: 44 points (10)

Sylvegård's comment: “We have extremely good fans. Even though we played poorly, they have been singing to us all the time. When we come to Vida we feel a security that we can ride on.”

The away game: 26 points (10)

Sylvegård's comment: "I do not know what to say, but to be the tenth best team away is not good"

Penalty minutes: 614 minutes (3)

Sylvegård's comment: “Overall, we can say that we took some unnecessary penalties. It was a slashing instead and then it became a penalty kill and we didn't have good penalty kills. We were punished there and at the same time I think we were the team that got the least number of penalties going our way."


…Point leader: Roman Horak, 30 points (11+19)

…most penalty minutes: Brendan Shinnimin, 91 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Casey Bailey, Richard Gynge, Erik Josefsson och Roman Horak, 3 GWG.

…most hits: Daniel Rahimi, 96

…players with the most on ice average per match: Ilari Melart, 21:08 min/match