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Season recap: Örebro Hockey

2 april 2020 14:59
Season recap

Now it is time to summarize Örebro's regular season. Prior to the season, many trades left the team projected to finish low in the standings, but in the end, they finished in eighth place. "It was a strong showing from us as a club to show that we can be a top team," said center Jonathan Andersson, 26.

Standing: 8 (85 points)

Jonathan Andersson's comment: “It's a successful season. It was a little dissapointing that we had a slump that made us drop out of the top six, where we stayed for a long time. It was a strong showing from us as a club to show that we can be a top team.

You were tied for first after 15 games. Were you surprised at your start?

– No. Well, we weren't. It was so early too and you know that a lot can happen. We had good faith in the team and we knew that we could be a top team.

Before the season many people assumed you'd be at the bottom of the standings. Did that motivate you?

– Yes, it really did. Örebro has always been looked as a bottom feeder, but we knew we would be a top team this year. We had such strong faith in the team.

Why didn't you manage to maintain a place among the top six?

– When you have lost so much and are starting to lose, it is harder to get out of the loss trend. Then it is difficult to say what it is due to. If you really want to be a top team you can't have long loss trends like we did.

Offensively, number of goals scored: 137 (7)

Andersson's comment: “It has worked well, I think, but I think we have more life in us. It feels like in some games we could have scored more goals than we did, and that we missed a lot of opportunities. I think we had enough skilled players to make our powerplay even better, for example."

Defensively, number of goals scored: 133 (7)

Andersson's comment: “Overall, I think we have done well the whole season. We have a great goalkeeper (Dominik Furch) and when our defense game clicks we do not let in many goals. Having someone like Furch gives you extra security, of course. That means that you might dare to take more chances on offense as well."

Powerplay: 15.49 percent (13)

Andersson's comment: “The whole team knows we can do much better there. As I mentioned, we have the pieces to be better. I don't know why we didn't score more goals there. Maybe we needed keep it simple and just take more shots. It's a bit like when you start to lose, it often becomes a trend without you really knowing why."

Penalty kill: 84.02 percent (1)

Andersson's comment: “Everyone contributes and everyone has done what we have said we should do. There is also a lot of video on all teams before each game, to see how the opponents play and how they line up. But we have a simple idea of how we want to play and when it comes to that, we have not changed much. Which has also provided stability."

Home Record: 50 points (7)

Andersson's comment: “There is tremendous pressure here at home and you get extra energy from it. It's really fun. You get an extra boost. We have said that we will try to make Behrn Arena a place where the opponents think it is difficult to play and we get help from the crowd."

Away Record: 35 points (5)

Andersson's comment: "It can always be better, but I think it's okay."

Penalty Minutes: 684 (1)

Andersson's comment: “We talked a lot about not removing the physical, but trying to remove all the hooks and stuff. We did not succeed. We worked on it anyway. We tried different things and talked about being more responsible, but we had trouble. This year we had shown that we have as good penalty kill. Without that, the penalties could have hit us extremely hard."


…point leader: Mathias Bromé, 43 points (17+26)

…most penalty minutes: Joonas Rask, 98 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Mathias Bromé, 5 GWG.

…most hits: Glenn Gustafsson, 66

…players with the most on ice average per match: Kristian Näkyvä, 22:58 min/match