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Season recap: Rögle BK

7 april 2020 14:59
Season recap

We continue to sum up the season - club by club. We are now at third placed Rögle BK. "This was a huge step for the organization" says Nils Höglander, 19.

Standing: Third (92 points)

Nils Höglander's comment: “Superb I would say. The Team played well together throughout the season. Very strong performace from everyone, and also for the coaches to be able to build the team. It was dissapointing that we didn't get the chance to go all the way."

What are you most satisfied with about the season?

– That Rögle has never placed this high before. I am proud that we did something together. It was a huge step for the organization.

You still had some key player injuries during the season. How did you manage to still take a top spot?

– As you said, we had a lot of key players injured. When Bokk and I were at the WJC we brought in some all-Swedish players, but otherwise we had juniors who stepped up and they showed that they could play at a high level. It built the team and everyone performed. It was not only the top players who stepped forward but also the juniors.

Kodie Curran received the Gold helmet and has received lots of praise. How important was he?

– He was an incredibly important piece. He was the best defender in SHL and finished with alot of points. You need players like him on a team to go a long way. He is very skilled and has got an incredible development curve in Rögle. It's sad that we can't keep him, but that's how it works in hockey.

Offensively, number of goals scored: 149 (5)

Höglanders comment: "" We had a good offense. Ted Brithén's line created a lot of opportunities. I don't know what else to say, but we had a good offense and we created a lot of chances. That's what you need to do to win matches."

Defensively, number of goals scored: 123 (3)

Höglanders comment: “We talked a lot about having structure, that everyone should know what to do and to be able to trust each other, and to have a game that worked throughout the season. I think that was a big key to us being so tight defensively."

Powerplay: 25.14 percent (2)

Höglanders comment: “Above all, our first unit had great chemistry. There were many skilled players there, with Kodie (Curran) in the lead. They did well and it was fun that it paid of for them and that they were successful in what they had practiced.”

Penalty Kill: 82.55 percent (5)

Höglanders comment: “It's obvious that you have to focus a lot on special teams. You scout the teams and individual players of the opponents. When you're meeting good teams, it is extra important to be sharp on the penalty kill and not take as many penalties. I think we did well there."

Home Record: 50 points (6)

Höglanders comment: “We have our fans in the back and it is an incredibly good feeling. The feeling is that we have some of the best fans in the league. They pushed us and we feel confident at home."

Away Record: 42 points (3)

Höglander's comment: “In the away world you also have to be focused and determined. It might be a little extra boost when you are the underdog and your opponent fans scream at you."

Save percentage: 91.41 percent (2)

Höglanders comment: “The goalkeepers were great. It is important to have two good goalkeepers and we had that. (Roman) Will did really well, and (Christoffer) Rifalk did too. They were two new key players in Rögle ahead of the season and both of them performed well.”


…point leader: Kodie Curran 49 points (12+37)

…most penalty minutes: Kodie Curran, 67 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Leon Bristedt and Daniel Zaar, 4 GWG

…most hits: Erlend Lesund, 109

…players with the most on ice average per match: Kodie Curran, 23:37 min/match