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Season recap: Leksands IF

26 mars 2020 14:59
Season recap

Unfortunately, the SHL season ended earlier than planned. However, the regular season was able to finish and now its time to summarise the season - club by club. Next up: Leksands IF, as team captain Martin Karlsson gives his opinion on the season.

Table position: 13 (49 points)

Martin Karlsson's comment: “Of course we wanted to be higher up in the table. At the same time, we knew it was going to be a tough first season in SHL. There have been many losses. A tough season simply.”

How tough mentally do you think it has been?

– I think everyone who follows sports knows that losses are tough. Still, I think the team has had good morale and a good attitude, even though it has been tough to deal with a lot of losses.

How do you turn things around from here?

– You can't dwell on the past. So we'll just try to look ahead and turn on the things we have been able to improve in our game.

You changed coach in February, when Ulf Samuelsson came in and replaced Roger Melin, what effect do you think that had in terms of play?

– When Ulf came in, we became tougher on defence and didn't give away as many chances. We also got our powerplay up and running. The last part of the season felt like we were growing into our game and getting a good starting point for what's to come.

Powerplay: 16,88 percent (11)

Karlsson's comment: “Of course we would have liked to be better at it. At the end of the season, those numbers were slightly improved when we actually delivered on the powerplay. But of course, over the whole season, we would have liked to be better there."

Penalty kill: 69,06 percent (14)

Karlsson's comment: “It's something we really had problems with all season. We turned and turned and tried to fix things. It wasn't until the end of the season that we started to find our rythm. Both powerplay and the penalty kill are incredibly important in today's hockey and we obviously suffered a bit because our game didn't really work in those aspects."

Offensive, number of goals scored: 115 (13)

Karlsson's comment: “Many times I think we created a lot of situations, but didn't get the chances. What this is due to is difficult to answer, but we often came to good spots. If an opponents goalkeeper wasn't upside down, we missed it. I have no good answer as to why this was so. Efficiency should have been better."

Defensively, number of goals scored: 168 (13)

Karlsson's comment: “In a lot matches during a single period, we dropped a lot of two against ones and positions in the dangerous zones, right in the slot. The players in this league are so good, so there will be goals. There were things that we worked on as the season progressed, we became better at collapsing infront of the net. Especially in the slot."

Home Record 30 points (14)

Karlsson's comment: “We would have liked to take more points at home given the support we have. We have support everywhere, but especially at home. It's blue and white throughout the arena match after match and we should have been able to make better use of it.”

Away Record 19 points (12)

Karlsson's comment: “Many of the away games we played completely okay, but didn't get any success. It became a little easy for the opposing team, which we might have helped."

Blocked shots: 668 (4)

Karlsson's comment: “It is a moral thing, to be in the line of fire. It is positive that you take the shots for the team.”


…point leader: Marek Hrivik, 30 points (12+18)

…most penalty minutes: Philip Samuelsson, 60 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Spencer Abbott and Patrik Zackrisson, 3 GWG.

…most hits: Jonas Ahnelöv. 61

…players with the most on ice average per match: Johan Fransson, 21:32 min/match