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Season recap: Luleå Hockey

9 april 2020 14:59
Season recap

The last season recap is about the regular season winner Luleå. The Northern team won the league by a 14-point margin from second placed Färjestad. "I knew we had a good team, but maybe I didn't think we would win by that much," says Luleå defender Nils Lundkvist, 19.

Table Position: One (106 points)

Nils Lundkvist's comment: “We had a fantastic regular season. We had few dips and but that was just the occasional game. I hardly think we lost two games in a row. This shows that we maintained a consistent level and were consistent throughout the season. We are very pleased with the season.

Is there anything special you are extra happy with?

– That we could keep it together all the way. We had a bit of a tough time in the beginning, but after that we have been up there and had first place for almost the entire season. The fact that we have been so consistent and have not had any dips indicates that we have had a very strong team.

You won the series by 14 points in the end. Are you surprised that there was such a big margin of victory?

– The league this year was extremely tight, but we managed to be the team that stood out a bit. From second to seventh it was close, eighth was a real wasp nest. I knew we had a good team, but maybe I didn't think we would win by that much.

Often Luleå is highlighted as a strong team. But if you can name some players who impressed and maybe surprised you this season, which would it be?

– Erik (Gustafsson) has been really good this season. He has helped me a lot. Then a guy like like (Juhani) Tyrväinen came in and was an important part of the group.

Offensively, number of goals scored: 151 (4)

Lundkvist's comment: “That has been what we have done much better compared to last year. We have played better with the puck, created more chances and we have also scored a lot of goals. Even though we had a tough time on the powerplay, though we got it started in the end. We've been playing good offensive hockey."

Defensively, number of goals scored: 98 (1)

Lundkvist's comment: “Luleå Hockey has always been known for being a good team defensively. This year we set a club record in the number of goals scored against and it is a confirmation that it has been an extremely good year. We have had great goalkeepers in (Joel) Lassinantti and (David) Rautio.”

Powerplay 16.17 percent (12)

Lundkvist's comment: “The last ten matches we were better there. Konstantin Komarek had a positive impact when he arrived and we became more dangerous and managed to score some goals. We were told many times: "When will you step up on the powerplay?" And sure, it was roaring at first, but we had stepped up the powerplay game for the playoffs."

Penalty Kill: 83.33 percent (2)

Lundkvist's comment: “It has been stable. It was a period where we let in some goals, many random ones. Otherwise, we had something that worked well there. We are a team that sacrifices for each other and that is important on the penalty kill. The guys who play a lot there have done amazingly well."

Home Record: 64 points (1)

Lundkvist's comment: “At home we have been very good. It's terribly fun to play there and the fans always carry us. They have ended up in a pretty good way. We would have broken the audience record, with the highest average, but the last match was played with empty stands. The fans have done a good job and we have ridden that wave."

The away game: 42 points (1)

Lundkvist's comment: "" Bulan "(coach Thomas Berglund) always complains that a little extra is needed to win on the road. For us, it has not differed much, but we have only plowed on wherever we have played. We have been a machine that has not been affected by it."

Rescue rate: 91.69 percent (1)

Lundkvist's comment: “The goalkeepers mean a lot. It is a great security. "Lassi" (Lassinantti) has played a little more, but David (Rautio) has also done very well. It is clearly the league's best goalkeeper pair in my opinion."


…point leader: Erik Gustafsson, 32 points (12+20)

…most penalty minutes: Oscar Engsund, 80 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Einar Emanuelsson, 5 GWG.

…most hits: Oscar Engsund, 101 hits

…players with the most on ice average per match: Erik Gustafsson, 24:31 min/match