Increased international interest for SHL

16 november 2021 16:00

SHL has seen a strong increase in exposure internationally. In addition to Sweden, SHL is now available via TV and streaming platforms in a total of 166 different countries. “It is extremely satisfying to see such an increased internationally interest in SHL and I’m delighted that we are now available in so many international territories” says Jenny Silfverstrand, CEO of SHL.

SHL’s international interest has increased exponentially. During the 2020/2021 season, SHL was available in 20 countries, increasing to 166 during the current season, an increase of 146 countries.

– Interest for the SHL in Sweden is clear from the attendance in arenas, coupled with a great TV viewership and commentary audience from across the country, but its fantastic to see interest building overseas, says Silfverstrand. Starting this season, fans can follow the SHL in as many as 166 countries additionally to Sweden.

– We know that the image of SHL as a league is strong internationally and this gives us opportunities to grow even further. It is also a proof that SHL's production is world class and attracts interest far beyond our borders, Silfverstrand concludes.

Further information about countries and accessibility is available here.