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Season recap: Färjestad BK

8 april 2020 14:59
Season recap

We continue to summarize the season, club by club. Now it is time for Färjestad as Victor Ejdsell, 24, gives his take on the season. "A second place finish in this year's edition of the SHL is great," he says.

Standing: Second (92 points)

Victor Ejdsell's comment: “A second place finish in this year's edition of the SHL is great. A very good achievement. This is perhaps why it's extra painful that the playoffs were cancelled. We obviously understand why, but we were a challenger for the gold. It still hurts a little."


We will return to various statistical points, but one thing that stands out with you is that you had the 11th most goals against in the league, despite having a pretty good penalty kill. Why didn't you manage to dobetter defensively in games at equal strength?

– First and foremost it was a lot because of the first half of the season, when we had more problems with it. During the first 20 games we had a couple of challenges that didn't help. Finally we found a way to win games. It's a bit how we are as a team, maybe we let in five but then we score six, haha. The other teams know that."

Is there any player in your team you want to highlight, who impressed this seaosn?

– There are many who have grown a lot. Of course, it is difficult to avoid "Lilliz" (Marcus Nilsson). He has been phenomenal. An artist without an equal. He's fun to watch. It can be anything. He can score goals behind goals and he can pass a pass past five players. Really fun to sit and watch him. Then we have other types of players, like (Gustav) Rydahl. A power package that turned up his production. They stand out the most, I think."


Offensively, number of goals scored: 173 (1)

Ejdsell's comment: “A big factor is that we were good on the powerplay. If you want to be there at the top, Special Teams is important. Our powerplay worked throughout the season. Above all, it was the first powerplay unit to deliver. When (Michael) Lindqvist got injured (Daniel) Viksten went in there and shouldered that role. We had no real dips there and that's a big reason why we scored so many goals."

Defensively, goals scored: 146 (11)

Ejdsell's comment: “At the beginning of the season there was some uncertainty. The defence did one thing, forwards did another thing and the center didn't know where to go. We didn't click at all. After an x ​​number of meetings to get everyone on the same track, we managed to find something. It sometimes takes a while to get it together and it did it for us, but towards the end it felt much better. We were more comfortable and trusted each other more."

Powerplay: 27 percent (1)

Ejdsell's comment: “There is a big difference when you have a good powerplay compared to if you do not have it. It can be almost a goal difference per match. Yet so many goals are not achieved in hockey."

Penalty kill: 82.93 percent (4)

Ejdsell's comment: “Penalty kill plus powerplay you want it to combine to be 100 percent. We must have gotten closer to 115, right? (110) It's incredibly good. If you have over 80 percent on the kill, you have done a good job. It's the same there. It's about chemistry. The guys on our kill have done a great job. We must be one of the teams with the most blocked shots. Among forwards, I think of guys like Linus Johansson, Gustav Rydahl and Per Åslund. Then we have many defensemen, such as Sebastian Erixon, who also sacrifices alot. They do everything for the team and that gives you a lot of energy when you come out of the penalty kill

Home Record: 57 points (3)

Ejdsell's comment: “For a long time we had a lot of positives. We have been strong at home. You always have a will as a team to come out strong in your own rink. You want to give something extra back to the fans. You get some extra energy thanks to the support from the home fans. A third place is clearly acceptable."

Away Record: 35 points (6)

Ejdsell's comment: “There it feels like there is more to improve. If there was any time we had to fall back on how we played, it was a bit off course. We had problems with first periods, for example. There are points that I am not happy with when it comes to away games. We will have to deal with that directly in the coming season."

Shot percentage: 11.89 percent (1)

Ejdsell's comment: “Obviously we talk a lot about finishing and to get into where the areas where we can score the most goals. There we get the help of goalkeeper coach (Maciej Szwoch). He is great at telling us where to be and then we have the tools to see individually where to be. You get good help to highlight your strengths. Then the coaches put a lot of pressure on us to be creative and dare to finish."


…point leader: Marcus Nilsson, 54 points (12+42)

…most penalty minutes: Marcus Nilsson, 60 min

…players with the most game winning goals: Gustav Rydahl, 7 GWG.

…most hits: Johan Ivarsson, 82 hits

…players with the most on ice average per match: Jonathon Blum, 20:03 min/match