The League

The SHL is the top league in Swedish ice hockey and consists of fourteen teams.

The teams play 52 matches each before the six top placed teams are directly qualified for the Swedish Championship quarterfinals.

Team seven then will face team ten while team eight will be put up against team nine in the round of 16 in the best of three matches.

Teams eleven and twelve have finished playing for the season. Teams 13 and 14 will face each other in the best of seven matches. Team 13 has a home ground advantage. The winning team remains in the SHL and the losing team is relegated to HockeyAllsvenskan.

In the Swedish Championship playoffs, the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are played in the best of seven matches. The team that wins the Swedish Championship final is named Swedish champion and awarded the LeMat trophy.

About SHL.se

SHL.se is the SHL's official website that gives you content about and from the league, clubs and profiles. 

SHL.se is one of Sweden's major sports sites which, through its close cooperation with the clubs in the SHL, is the country's most comprehensive source of information about the SHL. Together, SHL's 15 websites are a strong player in media Sweden.

Social media

SHL creates emotions! Of course, SHL wants to interact with audiences and supporters throughout Sweden and internationally. In addition to all 14 clubs' own channels, SHL is currently centrally located - in the following channels

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In our social media, we spread information, often with references to SHL.se, and we want to talk hockey with all that it entails. 

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Broadcasting companies abroad

Here you will find information about which Broadcasting company broadcasts SHL matches in the region you are interested in.

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